There are seven series AC drives:

1.      the 650 series from 0.25kW to 7.50 kW for simple applications
2.      the 650V series from 0.25kW to 110kW sensorless flux vector control, for more complex applications, fully programmable by DSELite software.
3.      the 690+ series, from 0.75kW to 1000kW, operates in open loop vector, sensorless vector and close loop flux vector control, with the ability to install expansion module for extra digital inputs and outputs, and encoder inputs. It is fully reprogrammable via PC for special applications. Option comms cards as Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, Canopen, Ethernet, Modbus RTU, ControlNet & Link can be fitted.
4.      the 890P series, from 0.55kW to 1200kW, can operate as open loop vector, sensorless vector & close loop vector control & four quadrant active front-end power supply module. . It is the most advanced series, that can operate with all types of feedbacks and communications. It is programmable via USB, and also operates with common bus.
All series, except 650, are PC programmable with the DSELite software, which can be downloaded free from the Parker web-site.
There also the following options available:
EMC, RFI filters,
3 phase Line Reactors,
Brake Resistors



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