Torque motors -AC Vector motors-AC spindle motors

Torque motors

TMW Series
1200 - 22,100 Nm, 50-500 rpm

Parker torque motors are permanent magnet brushless servo motors, especially designed to replace direct current or induction motors and gearboxes in extruder applications.

They are designed to deliver high torque at low speed without any additional mechanical transmission system.

Delivering torques up to 22100 Nm, at speeds ranging from 50 to 500 rpm, Parker Torque Motors represent the perfect alternative to gearbox based systems, for extruders applications of power up to 320 kW, as well as winders, mixers, crushers, presses

Water or natural cooling
Customizable shaft ends
IP54 protection
IMB3 mounting

AC Vector Motors



AC synchronous Spindle motors 

4 to 50 kW
The HV series are permanent magnet synchronous motors used for machine tools spindle of traditional type (lathes, grinding machines, milling machines).
The control of synchronous technology gives the possibility to reach a speed range ratio at constant power up to 10.
Moreover, the HV series present the same characteristics at low speed as an axis servomotor: high torque to weight ratio, low inertia, high torque at low speed…
-         speed up to 8000 rpm
-         torque from 17 to 240Nm
-         speed range ratio at constant power up to 10
-         high torque up at low speed
-         low inertia for high acceleration, fast changes in speed for reduced tool changing time
-         IP54 protection
-         Class F insulation

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