About Us

Our company was founded in 1980 in Thessaloniki in the field of Industrial Electronics. We are consisted of highly trained technicians, specialized on automation systems – electronic systems, that can provide all the information and clarifications required for the proper functioning of our products. Our priority is to provide a wide range of industrial services in the field of automation.
Throughout our years of operation, we are searching for new products and new sources that can meet the needs of the industry and of our clients. The products we provide come mainly from abroad and are selected according to the best possible quality, without forgetting the quality – price ratio.
For more than 45 years we offer a wide variety of products and materials which, combined with our experience, ensure solutions for every industrial environment in the field of automation (electronic systems).

45+ Years of experience

Our staffs’ years of experience are a guarantee for the correct design of applications and systems as well as the best products for every use.
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