Eltra operates in the market of sensors for automated systems since 1985. During these 30+ years Eltra has constantly grown, increasing its technology offer (over 4.000 product codes and an average of 120.000 articles manufactured each year) while maintaining the flexibility and the capability to design and manufacture customized products according to the Customer specific needs, features that have always distinguished the brand Eltra. The company offers an extensive range of catalog products (incremental and absolute rotary encoders, explosion-proof models, rope and magnetic encoders; linear and optical incremental systems working also with field-bus interfaces, several accessories etc.), as well as a service of Project & Development of models upon Client’s requirement.


Rotary incremental encoder series for solid, blind/through hollow shaft.

Rotary encoders are electro-mechanical devices designed to control the position and the angular speed of mechanical axles in motion. Rotary incremental encoders are so defined since they track the increase (variation) in respect to a position taken as a reference point and independently from the direction of the rotation. The incremental encoder senses rotation, speed and acceleration by counting the number of pulses sent by the output circuit. Eltra has developed a broad catalog of incremental encoders here classified according to the type of mechanical mounting (solid vs blind/though hollow shaft) and the type of sensing technology (optical vs magnetic), with a wide range of resolution, flange and electronic outputs available to meet the specific application's needs. Besides standard versions, Eltra offers to its Customers the possibility to customize and even develop custom-tailored devices in order to satisfy also the most peculiar requests and to provide 360° solutions.

Single- and multi-turn absolute encoder series.

Rotary absolute encoders provide a unique digital code for each distinct angle of the shaft, storing the value of the actual position and, therefore, preventing the loss of information in case of restart of the system or power-loss. Thanks to the advantages featured by this type of sensors, Eltra's offer for absolute encoders is in constant growth, always in line with the latest innovations in technology. Both single turn and multiturn series are available among Eltra's absolute enconders' catalog, in order to extend the scope of application of transducers and to increase their flexibility and versatility, according to the Client's requirements. The operating principle of single and multiturn encoders could be either optical, which guarantees a high resolution and is therefore recommended for applications that require more precision and accuracy, or magnetic, suitable for industries where elevated speed, IP protection sealing and excellent wear and temperature resistance are needed. The reliability and great performance that distinguish Eltra's encoders remain a priority in the development of absolute encoders, with a variety of electronic and mechanic options available.

Linear incremental encoders, potentiometer and magnetostrictive transducers.

Linear transducers track rectilinear displacement measurements. Potentiometers are formed by a wire or a metallic layer, wrapped in an insulating support, and by a movable contact that shifts along the conductor. The operating principle is based on calculating the variation of the resistance produced by the displacement of the object in question inside the electric circuit. Eltra offers versions with shaft or cursors, with different mounting methods (brackets, flanges, or self-aligning ball joints) and different levels of IP protection, to satisfy the largest number of application fields possible. Eltra's catalog includes also magnetostrictive transducers, with contact-less magnetic sensing technology integrated, which represent the evolution of linear potentiometers since they improve the performance of the sensor and have a big variety of electronic outputs (analog, digital, fieldbus) available.
Complementing the extensive range of incremental, absolute and linear transducers, Eltra also offers specific products and adaptation boards to match precise factory automation application needs.

From connectors to couplings, Eltra offers a comprehensive range of accessories to satisfy generic and specific application requirements. Perfectly matching the corresponding transducers, these accessories provide the basis for a cost-effective integration within your system.
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